How people are getting distracted

People, nowadays are so much occupied by the digital world. And it is good to obtain and be updated with the information around you. Nevertheless, being with a with a mobile phone have become more important than being with loved ones.

A woman trying to multitask with gadgets


Even kids get so happy when parents let me to use any mobile phones or iPad. They do not tend to play with friends rather they prefer being isolated using gadgets. Not only talking about the kids, moms have been also so busy with their gadgets having less time with kids. They prefer capturing the moments of kids rather having own moments with kids.

Kids prefer having time with gadgets friends.


This age of people tends to get distracted easily by any friends circle or person. Now in this time adults feel incomplete with any kind of technology in theirs life. They enjoy posting every single moments on any kind of social media platform. Mental health has become a serious topic. There are incidents where adults has killed themselves when they have victim of cyber bullying.

Adults engaged more with mobile phones than teacher.

Old people

Indirectly or directly, technology has created a gap between the adults and old people. Grandparents are not getting time to spend with their grandkids or kids as they are busy with technology. Any kind of relation has became a second priority.

Old woman being lonely.

Lets us share in comment how technology has affect on your lives being in a positive way or a negative way.

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