A Day off

On Tuesday, it was a bright sunny day and we planned to go out to eat. We got dressed up with our suncream on and ready to roll in the city. The distance between my place to the city was 12 minutes from the train and in no time we reached there. We reached the most known place, the opera house. We did not exactly go there because we have been there many times but we strolled around the restaurants nearby to eat. We started clicking pictures as well and forgot we were there to eat as well.

I was. almost there but my hand

After so much of deciding what to eat, we concluded eating Chinese and went to a famous Chinese restaurant for which we had to catch a train. Before catching a train, we bought some drinks from outside because it was a “BYO”. We reached there in 10 minutes and was almost 6 pm. When we reached there, we waited for another 5 10 minutes because the restaurant was so packed and till the time we ordered food. Finally, we got a place to sit and food was ready as well. We ate the food and talk about for 30 minutes and left the place. I reached home at 9 pm and almost tired.

We were so busy eating I forgot to click the pictures of food.


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