Smoggy morning

What would you do if you wake up to smoky morning?

That’s what is happening right now in my place.

As I ready to head outside today, I was shocked how it was outside. It was all covered with smog and I could hardly see the house on the other side. Moreover, the sun was not like a normal day sun, it was red darkest.

It was so hard walking with bare face.

Sydney’s bush has been continuous for a month and still going on. Because of the smoky environment, it has been difficult for people to breathe in while walking out of the house. People have been wearing a mask to cover themselves with the smoke but it has been worst to nature. This could affect the climate.

The day looks like night.

The most common causes of bushfires in Australia include lighting strikes, trees falling on powerlines, dropped matches, cigarettes, sparks caused by power tools, farm machinery and controlled backburning escaping.

The most attractive place looks like this at the moment.

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