5 minutes of Mediatation in a day

Do you ever take time for yourself and sit down in this position?  People should sit in this position at least a minute to calm themselves from their hectic schedule. I do not meditate every day but at least try 2 to 3 days a week. Meditation is also a skill like any other skill.Continue reading “5 minutes of Mediatation in a day”

How people are getting distracted

People, nowadays are so much occupied by the digital world. And it is good to obtain and be updated with the information around you. Nevertheless, being with a with a mobile phone have become more important than being with loved ones. Kids Even kids get so happy when parents let me to use any mobileContinue reading “How people are getting distracted”

My First Blog

Moving Out Because of globalisation, World has became smaller and we are being witness with so diverse cultures. When I was 19, I moved to Australia to pursue my further study and came across this different culture but I was enjoying that from inside.  Three things that surprised me:   1. You say “you’ to everyone. 2. You call everyone byContinue reading “My First Blog”

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